How to configure Eclipse to use TLM-2.01 min read

Today I tell you how to create a project in eclipse for work with TLM-2 and SystemC, it’s very easy!

First step is to download eclipse for C/C++ development from here.

Let’s begin: create a new C++ project

Next screen ask what type of eclipse project to use, we choose Executable and Empty Project


C++ Project

In the next screen, click on Advanced Settings, where we can add PATHs to SystemC library and header and TLM-2 header

Choose GCC C++ Compiler-> Preprocessor and we add SC_INCLUDE_DYNAMIC_PROCESSES in Defined symbols.


Then we choose Directories from  the same menu and we add the PATHs to the SystemC directory and TLM-2 directory (note the ending of each PATH)

Lastly, in GCC C++ Linker-> Libraries we add the PATH to the SystemC library (note that this path ends with /lib-linux/)

If all were fine, we will have the project created and ready to be used in the eclipse main screen:

Now, we can add new files to the project, just right click on the project name and pick new->source file o new-> header file

Fill the name of the new file (with extension), and we can start typing our code!

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