D3100 (DisplayLink) and XPS 13-9343 with Ubuntu

I’m delighted with my XPS 13-9343 running Ubuntu from nearly 2 years now.

*** Update May 2019 ***

Almost 2 years after I bough my D3100 docking station I regret for that choice: ubuntu drivers are of bad quality, they need to be configured every time I do an update to my uibutu distro, when it was working, CPU usage was very high, displaylink forum is useless, etc. Now, with ubuntu 19.04 I’m unable to get this docking station working again. 

In brief, it was a bad choice to get a displaylink product for my ubuntu box and I cannot recommend this product.

*** Update May 2019 ***

Few months ago I decided to buy a D3100 docking station to connect my two 24” monitors to my laptop. That was risky because I read a lot about the bad support and low quality drivers for the DisplayLink chipset. But I took the risk.

I installed the drivers from DisplayLink website, but nothing seems to work. After several tries and forum diving, I get some usable system.

I’m running kubuntu 16.10 with the last kernel (4-8.0-45 generic x86_64)

Here my steps:

  1. Install drivers from DisplayLink website
  2. Try it! Maybe it starts working fine to you, lucky you! If it is not working, or you have a very low speed monitor or some windows are displayed oddly, follow to step 3
  3. Try to open a console and run “Xorg :1 -configure”, copy the generated xorg.conf.new file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  4. Edit the file and add ” Option “PageFlip” “off” ” to the Device sections
  5. Reboot
  6. If you’re lucky your screens will be working fine!

My results are:

  • glxgears on HDMI displays show ~5000 FPS!!! (on laptop screen shows ~60 FPS)
  • almost everything is well displayed except:
    • systemsettings
    • dolphin

I get the information from DisplayLink forum (here, here, and here)

My xorg.conf file

Updated 1st April: System is stable. I can watch Netflix on Chrome and it is very smooth (I don’t know the exact FPS). CPU usage is about 50% DisplayLinkManager and 30% Chrome

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